Red Orange Productions is an independent management- and production office for dance and film, based in Brussels

international dancefilmfestival brussels 2016

l'art difficile de filmer la danse

Opening 21 September 20h ARGOS
Historical dancefilms 23 September CINEMATEK
Recent dancefilms 24 September Danscentrumjette


| Wednesday 21/09 |

20:00 performance by Pascal Baes & Ai Suzuki (4h)

| Friday 23/09 |

15:00 session 1

-Kain & Abel by Joes Odufr� (4min)
-Labyrint by Peter Oosthoek & Albert Seelen (11min)
-Understatement by George Schouten (11min)
-Katarakt by Jan Ketelaars (9min)
-Easy Action Animated by Karin Wiertz & Jacques Verbeek (8min)
-Entr�e Brussels by Frans Weisz (29min)

17:00 session 2

-Shot by Wilbert Bank (20min)
-Oidan Skrouba by Ren� Hazekamp (5min)
-Reservaat by Clara van Gool (8min)
-La balayeuse by Janica Draisma (5min)
-Still you by Suzy Blok (7min)
-Meni by Karel Doing (3min)
-Screenplay for three by Janica Draisma

19:00 session 3

-Man in Motion by Noud Heerkens (8min)
-Stalen Neuzen by Erik van Zuylen (41min)
-Ma t�te by Caitlin Hulscher (2min)
-Meissie Meissie by Kees Hin (11min)
-E pur si muove by Peter Delpeut (14min)

21:00 session 4

-Lastpak by Frans van de Staak (72min)

| Saterday 24/09 |

14:00 /docs/

-Gleichgewicht by Bernhard Wenger
-WIM by Lut Vandekeybus

17:00 /X/

-Enveloppe by Albin Metthey
-Sampled by Artemise Ploegaerts
-Between by Maria Mantia
-Plural Individual by Andreia Rodriguez
-How Much ? by Rima Narbuntaite
-Wild Horses by Reka Szucs
-Above the Light by Heike Salzer
-Schwerelos by Matthias Poetisch

20:00 /Selection 2016/
+presence of the directors and informal talks

-Edifice by Irmak Karasu (13min)
-Twist by S�bastien De Buyl (6min)
-Songs of the Underworld by Nicola Hepp (5min56)
-Rasova by Daphn� Koutsafti & Ioannis Chondros (14min30)
-The Cuckoo�s Cry by Inbal Oshman (26min)
-Marzanna by Natalia & Owa Barua (5min24)
-Freedom by Yoav Gertner & Edya Stern (6min51)
-Besties by Marta Renzi (6min56)
-Approaching the Puddle by Sebastian Gimmel & Homai Toyoda (8min33)
-Metube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana by Daniel Moshel (5min)


Open Call for Submission 2016

Deadline 20 May 2016
You can submit your new dance film for the
international dancefilmfestival brussels
l'art difficile de filmer la danse

for more info please contact Selma Lisein

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